About us

Our company is the factory of making children’s dreams come true!

If you are interested in production of high quality and safe goods for children
If you are looking for the reliable business partner
If child’s smile is your inspiration
Then we have the same goals and the same direction to move.

Who are we?

 We are close-knit team of professionals — more than 150 workers in production.

 We have 10 years of the successful production work of high quality toys and sport goods: sewing and wooden toys.

 More than 150 product items in assortment.

 We have more than 500 regular clients in Russia, large wholesales companies.

Our advantages:

Our success is not only measured by our results, but also by how we achieve those results.

Our mission is to become a part of huge world of child’s imagination that gives a start to unlimited achivements.

Why our partners choose brand Manunya?

  • The products of our company meet all the requirements of the European toy standards and quality.
  • Our manufacture is located in Central Russia, Belgorod, this convenient geographical location provides the best logistics and fast delivery of toys all over the world.
  • We ensure fast terms of production and stock availability throughout the entire year.
  • We produce with Individual approach to each client, under its trademark and special design;
  • We use the international standard for a quality management system.

We want to provide every family and child with high-quality toys at reasonable prices. So let’s make it together!